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Why? Fishing calms, fishing excites, fishing bonds, fishing teaches, fishing builds: character, patience, and family. Fishing is fishing, not catching!

We began our lives together around water: a pond in the front yard, a pond in the back yard and a stream running through our property.

We taught our son to fish in these ponds.

We would have family and friend gatherings around these ponds.

Now, years later, we are surrounded by water. Ocean to the rear, waterway to the front and a river on each side. In other words, we live on an island. We also taught our grandchildren to fish since we moved here. Gatherings are held around this water.

We own a boat which we use in all of these bodies of water. We have recently purchased a kayak, which is providing us a new dimension into fishing. 

People will ask us, "when do you like to fish?"

We reply, only on days ending in a Y.

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